Every awesome relationship is built on collaboration and trust. As an agency, TANGO strives to create an open and honest conversation with our partners. We may not always agree, we may have differing points of view, and that’s totally ok. Ultimately, we will remain committed to working together, in true partnership, and ultimately, create the best work possible.

Tango excels at every discipline and practice of advertising and marketing communications. Some people may say we are a creative force to be reckoned with. Whether it's the development of an entirely new brand identity, a retail ad campaign, new website, or a very cool illustration, our scope of what we do spans the full spectrum. We know it’s not about doing everything… it’s about doing the right thing. That’s why we carefully assess, consider, and propose only what makes the most sense for you and your company. If you’re ready to dance, so are we.


  • Brand Development
  • Logo and Identity
  • Business Naming

Print + Packaging

  • Package Design
  • Promotional Material

Web Design + Dev

  • Front + Back End Dev
  • Digital Campaigns
  • User Experience


  • Research + Discovery
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing


  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Textures


  • Motion Graphics
  • Editing
  • Animation

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Jeff Robillard


Known as our salt and pepper Don Draper, he is a creative guru and a handyman. Goes through more Bandaids than a preschooler but can sell ketchup popsicles to a woman wearing white gloves. Has owned many a Jeep and believes that for powerful creative, you need to relate the unrelatable.

Shane Potvin


No one carries a man bag on his shoulders like this guy. He is a wordsmith and pun master, not to mention a graphic genius. Loves music, movies, and most of all, really cool gadgets. And he is the one to thank for our awesome office lighting.

Marcello Fontana


A true creative conundrum. He’s just as likely to be spotted rooting for his favourite hockey team as he is found in tree pose during a yoga class. Meticulous in his attention to detail he can dazzle you with strategy while redesigning your office. Loves movies and can recite his favourites and yours, word for word.

Chris Benotto


It’s just as common to find a smooth illustration on his screen as it is to find axle grease on his keyboard. Lover of hockey, cafe racers, power lifting, and typography, he is a purveyor of trends and a master of his craft. Owns more cars than pairs of shoes.

Emily Gignac


Warms up the office with her Mexican blanket and a Lavender Fog tea. Keeps accounts on their toes and bombards lists with checkmarks. If there was a hashtag to describe her it would be #wanderlust

Glenn Evans


Our resident uber-geek. There aren’t many blocks that he hasn’t been around. Has a knack for equal parts design and code and will charm the metal pants off an R2 unit. On his desk at all times, you’ll find an empty french press, a collection of Starbucks stir sticks, and a Raspberry Pi.

Ryan Frith


Your blood pressure will certainly drop when around this guy. Loves beer, a good chuckle, and can kill it on the bass. Has a sharp wit and will dazzle with his Photoshop prowess. You’ll usually find him rocking his audiophile headphones, graphic tee, and a cozy flannel shirt.

Wes Swain


Code, cars, and crafting a solid beard are amongst his special powers. You never know if you’ll catch him sipping on his orange cup or standing up at a sit down desk (not sure how ergonomic it is … actually pretty sure it’s not). He does away with the typical Mac mouse for one that looks like something Batman would drive.

Laura Tucker


AKA, 'Tucker.' Climbing, biking, canning, crafts, learning the drums, and jewellery making are only small samples of her extensive hobby-folio. A brand wizard and diva for details. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanour though... this woman is one tough cookie.

Val Renaud


Would wear flip-flops all year round if she could. Rocks her lucky Tigers hat and complements her outfit with a giant Wacom tablet. Quite savvy in vector as she is in raster, her stylish illustration and design sense bring vibrance and life to all client challenges.

Jordan Sequeira


Whips up an Oreo taste test while juggling seven phone calls. Organized is an understatement with this guy. With extensive experience and a calm approach, he keeps our studio on track and on time, all while spreading office cheer.