Known as our salt and pepper Don Draper, he is a creative guru and a handy man. Goes through more Bandaids than a preschooler and can sell ketchup popsicles to a woman in white gloves. Has owned many a Jeep and believes that for powerful creative you need to relate the unrelatable.


A true creative conundrum. He’s just as likely to be spotted rooting for his favourite hockey team as he is found in tree pose during a yoga class. Meticulous in his attention to detail, can dazzle you with strategy and you can trust he’s always got your back. Loves movies and can recite his favourites word for word.


No one carries a man bag and the cast at Tango on his shoulders like this guy. He is a wordsmith and pun master not to mention a graphic genius. Loves music, movies and most of all really cool gadgets. And he is the one to thank for our awesome office lighting.


It’s just as common to find a smooth illustration on his screen as it is to find axle grease on his keyboard. Lover of hockey, cafe racers, power lifting and typography, he is a purveyor of trends and a master of his craft. He owns more cars than pairs of shoes.


Thinks the office is never warm enough but happy it gives her an excuse to warm up with a Mexican blanket and a Lavender Fog. Emily keeps our projects on their toes and bombards her lists with checkmarks. If there was a hashtag to describe her it would be #wanderlust


Our resident uber geek. There are little blocks that he hasn’t been around, has a knack for equal parts design and code and will charm the metal pants off an R2 unit. On his desk at all times, you will find an empty french press, a collection of Starbucks stir sticks, and a Raspberry Pi.


It’s all about adventure and calorie intake for this guy. During the week you’ll find him whipping up a video, piloting our drone or blasting his shoulders at the gym, on the weekend you could find him at an all night rave or quietly walking his dog. He’ll never go hungry at work, as he always has a bucket of protein powder near by.


Your blood pressure will certainly drop when around this guy. Loves beer, a good chuckle and can kill it on the bass. Has a sharp wit and will dazzle with his photoshop prowess. You’ll usually find him rocking his audiophile headphones, graphic tee and a cozy flannel shirt.


Code, cars and crafting a solid beard are amongst his special powers. You never know if you’ll catch him sipping on his orange cup or standing up at a sit down desk (not sure how ergonomic it is…actually pretty sure it’s not). He does a way with the typical Mac Mouse for something that looks like Batman may drive.